Ensuring competency throughout your organisation is the cornerstone of your data compliance process.

We can deliver this in a manner which is both cost and time effective, and relevant to your organisation. Whether you need a quick refresher for customer services staff or in-depth sessions for your marketing teams, our experts can tailor content to suit your needs.


One day courses focusing on the application of data protection to a specific business process.

We split this into a morning of theory followed by an afternoon working on practical applications. Examples of topics covered include: 

  • marketing and advertising; 
  • business development; 
  • breach management;
  • data in an education setting;
  • human resources.

Bespoke training session:

Do you have a specific issue in your organisation that you would like addressed? Or perhaps a competency that you need introduced into an existing team?

We can work with teams across the business, from the boardroom to the shop floor, tailoring content and tone to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in ensuring compliance.

We can also create training to cover specific aspects of data protection such as surveillance, data capture and managing sensitive data.

5 steps to confident compliance

For organisations that are putting a compliance process into their business for the first time, this one day course takes you through the 5 steps you need to set up your records of processing and general compliance records:

  1. What data do you  have
  2. Who are you sharing this data with
  3. What happens, both inside and outside of your organisation, to your data
  4. Who in the business is accessing your data
  5. Conducting a data audit process

For each step, we will show you specific examples and processes which you can apply directly to your organisation.

This course is particularly suitable for organisations that are onboarding with the privacy management tool DPOrganizer.


If you have members of staff who you want to take on a greater data protection role within your organisation beyond their existing job specification, we can act as both trainer and mentor. This includes:

  • Ensuring training is specific and relevant
  • Assisting with qualification selection and coursework
  • Helping create reviews for management teams
  • Support for new challenges and any issues arising

Annual staff skill reviews

One aspect of the new legislation that is not always appreciated fully is the need to ensure that all staff retain a level of competency where data protection is concerned. This means annual reviews, with records to show that they have been undertaken and that any deficiencies are covered off with additional training.

We are able to offer light-touch reviews that are appropriate to different teams, demonstrating that you have met your compliance obligations.

Data Protection Bootcamps

Thirty minutes of theory followed by 90 minutes of practical exercises. Specifically designed to get your teams up to speed on data protection issues in your organisation.

These quick and precise sessions are designed to ensure that your staff can fit them into their busy working schedule while delivering impact and insight that they will be able to apply in their day to day tasks.

As well as our own training programmes, we also speak at external conferences and events:

12th September 2018
19th September 2018

3rd October 2018

7th & 8th November

20th & 21st November

21st November 2018